• Sarah Coleman

Let's Get Ready for Spring!

The snow is on it's way out and the warmer temperatures are on their way in... so now what? We always recommend that you call your landscape contractor to give you a full assessment of your property and then you can make a game plan on how to proceed. But, for the DIY-er here are a few tips to get you started...

1) You want to do some general cleanup; remove sticks, leaves, and trash.

2) Now is a good time to begin the fertilization process; in MD especially, it is important to follow state laws on how to properly apply fertilizers, pre-emergent, and weed killer to your lawn.

3) Mow early and weekly. Even in the summer months you want to regularly maintenance your lawn to keep it health and encourage growth.

4) Weed all landscape beds and then use a good, healthy, heavy mulch to top dress the area. You want to avoid 'free mulch' and mulch from the dump as it could potentially infest your property with pests.

5) You will want to trim the trees and bushes to remove the winter dyeback and promote healthy growth in the plants on your property.

6) Plan to aerate and seed your lawn in the fall.

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